Hall of Fame

Ross C. developed this blog on Batman and linked it to a YouTube channel. Ross provides reviews of various figurines. His site has lots of potential to become a great contributor to review sites generally and Ross has registered a Batman Reviews site.

In this fun blog Alison O personified a pigeon travelling in America and then across the Atlantic to Europe. http://www.pigeonskissme.blogspot.com/

Amy S focused on clear topic - Santorini - and produced an informative and attractive blog on the Island http://www.savingsantorini.blogspot.com/

Not strictly a blog (we could access blogger due to filters at the time), Freddie H. wikipage on The Great Migration not only illustrates the topic but went beyond the basic requirements and included, for example, an embedded Google map. http://wcd4a2.wikispaces.com/Geography+of+The+Great+Migration

Evan S. blog on the journey of corn from beginning to end is a nice example of the combination of creative writing with factual information http://www.insideevansmind.blogspot.com/ The writing style is entertaining and is written similarly to the style of many travel writers....perhaps a future career??

Daniel R's blog on the geography of gum is a well rounded blog on the topic http://www.danielstyblog.blogspot.com/

Sophie's blog on the English language was a scholarly and enjoyable blog http://www.wheredoesthatcomefrom.blogspot.com/

Sarah's blog on Blondes was an unusual topic but I really liked how she addressed several issues from the distribution of blondes to blondes through history.

4A1 2017-2018

Jack A. http://www.thegreatsteveirwin.blogspot.ie/ Jenna C. http://www.geogofcurls.blogspot.ie/ Shane G. http://www.footballgeography.blog...